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Our trained and certified cybersecurity professionals provide integrated cybersecurity solutions that protect critical infrastructures, improve information security controls, and manage large-scale cyber and information assurance (IA) security programs. Our FISMA portfolio reviews, analysis, and recommendations guide our customer’s cybersecurity strategy to comply with Government mandates, including defense and civilian agencies. We leverage DevSecOps in all our solutions to push security to the forefront—speeding up delivery and ensuring more secure solutions.

Cloud Solutions

We offer on-premise, fully outsourced, or hybrid cloud services that are tailored specifically for our public sector clients, with a suite of service offerings that protect the security of information and adhere to FISMA (Low, Moderate, High) or FedRamp and HIPAA compliance requirements. Our service architecture and management tools give clients a range of benefits that result in lower costs, higher security, increased automation, and improved performance.


We perform software development lifecycle (SDLC) design, development, implementation, maintenance, as well as distributed, Agile development underpinned by a strong DevOps culture. We coordinate and administer application environments, including development, integrated testing, staging, certification testing, training, and production environments. We support clinical, administrative, infrastructure (middleware), integration, and IAM services, using client-server, web-based architectures, mobile, and cloud computing architectures.


We provide business intelligence and analytics solutions to meet a range of needs from basic data integration, business analytics and intuitive graphical analyses, through AI and machine learning tools to develop advanced statistical models on both structured and unstructured data. We evaluate, recommend, and implement business intelligence solutions comprising natural language processing, latent semantic indexing, machine learning, and other artificial intelligence techniques and models.

Our software and business intelligence designs include identifying and developing opportunities to eliminate the need for staff to perform repetitive, simple activities through use of bots, or to enhance and improve user experience with chatbots or intuitive, data-driven prompts that improve quality and reduce user stress.

Enterprise Management

We deliver network engineering and operations support, as well as program management and enterprise infrastructure services to Government agencies—both defense and civilian—thus improving customer satisfaction, reducing costs, and increasing the consistency and predictability of service delivery while increasing operational maturity. We implement and maintain enterprise-level WANs, reduce infrastructure support costs, improve manageability of the network, and secure the enterprise against cyber-attacks using a common set of concepts, processes and tools within the organization.

We manage information technology planning, design, build-out, and implementation activities associated with large-scale projects of national importance. We provide all network cabling and termination (cable and fiber); server, rack, and cabinet installation; and physical security equipment installation. As needed, we furnish all necessary supplies and provide warranties for all cables, equipment, hardware, and tools associated with the installation.

Mission Focused

9th Way Solutions is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) with over 35 years of experience providing results-oriented technical solutions. As an experienced provider of next generation technology solutions we know what our Government customers demand and we take their mission seriously.